Bravura Gold Resort launched "Frigo's Gourmet - First & Only Live Kitchen". Now enjoy your cuisine being cooked in front of you at "Frigo's Gourmet-Live Kitchen". Customise the flavours or even give your own recipe to enjoy the food, the way you like. That's why we call it "Live Cooking to Your Taste". Chefs & cooks from the different cities of India will give you the mellow flavours of the regional, national and international cuisines, that would content your taste buds. Local flavours of Meerut, that were the history, are now re-united to re-establish the memories to the existence, which will touch you from within.

Frigo's Gourmet-Live Kitchen is a unique restaurant place of its kind. Here the most exotic herbs and spices of India and the world are used to create authentic flavors and aromas of cuisines of a bygone era. Relish yourselves with mouthwatering food and delicious cuisines available at our BRAVURA GOLD RESORT Restaurant. Soft and soothing music adds to the ambiance of the restaurants.

A whole new experience of luxury with digital technology waiting for you at Frigo's Gourmet to change your hospitality experience.

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